Welcome to the Cogentas Academy

Cogentas is an institute of applied research and knowledge exchange in the field of application security (SA). To fully fulfill its mission, Cogentas must focus a portion of its activities on teaching in order to make knowledge and know-how accessible, not only in terms of AS, but also in terms of safety and security information (IS) and cybersecurity (CS).

That's why we are proud to offer a people training program on the foundation, implementation, management and auditing of international standards, leading to recognized professional certifications in most industrialized countries.

In terms of safety, the importance of certification of people within an organization is based on the following elements:

  1. integration and maintenance of high-level security parameters by highly qualified personnel;
  2. the certified persons already part of the organization, beyond the mastery of general principles in security, will be able to intervene according to the knowledge that they have of: priorities, orientations, constraints, technological, legal contexts and business, associated risks, at all levels of the specific activities inherent in the organization;
  3. the addition of a potential economic asset, as it becomes possible to demonstrate that the organization's security practices can contribute to enhancing the value and reliability of the product and service offering.

Our trained, accredited and recognized trainers not only possess great competence in their respective fields of teaching, but also have extensive field expertise in various fields of activity; this allows them to stay constantly on the lookout for technological breakthroughs and the new set of risks that follow. Consequently, the adaptation of their pedagogical intervention enables the transmission of an ever more relevant knowledge at the cutting edge of technological evolution, which is increasingly ultra-rapid and open to planetary influences, whether healthy or no.

Of all the concerns that the future holds for us, security will be the most ubiquitous, because of it, depends the development of all other human activities.

Security at the heart of our actions to live in a better world.

The right starting point ... Professional training at the Cogentas Academy!