Cogentas is an institute for applied research and knowledge exchange in the field of application security (AS), which develops and transfers advanced technology and knowledge to promote and contribute to the development, the acquisition, operation and maintenance of secure applications, and to the means to demonstrate it.


Our mission is to:

  • provide innovative solutions to implement and measure AS;
  • participate in the success of companies and organizations, helping them to deploy applications that meet global security requirements of their industry, while taking into account their priorities, constraints and resources as well as technology, laws and regulations of countries and regions where their applications will be used; and
  • advance knowledge in the field of AS, develop tools in order to promote the sharing and use.


Become a world leader in the field of application security.


Innovation, integrity, protection of corporate information and individuals, as well as adopting and maintenance of a respectful, equitable and profitable approach with our employees, customers, members or partners, are our most fundamental values. They aim to develop long term business relationships based on respect for expectations, priorities and objectives of each.

Fully assume our social role in giving back to the community.