Our research objectives

Applied Research ...
The Institute has undertaken several R&D projects to provide organizations in Québc, Canada and abroad with tools to protect their applications' data according to their priorities and their respective business areas.

1. In response to the priorities of the organizations
In order to achieve and deliver acceptable, functional and usable AS solutions as a result of R&D projects in the  short and medium terms, Cogentas has adopted a dynamic and proactive organizational structure where an advisory board is in direct contact with the executive committee. The advisory board is composed of persons representing the members, partners and other organizations seeking answers and concrete solutions applicable to their AS issues.

2. In synergy with experts in the field
Initiated following the recommendations of the advisory board, the Institute starts any R&D project by creating a working group to mobilize the resources, expertise and advanced skills required for success.

3. Producing useful and usable solutions
When a new version of AS solution is complete, all product components, including web tools and mobile applications, are deployed and brought online. Any person, company or organization can then use them according to the user category to which it belongs.

4. Adopting the public-private partnership model

In pursuing the planning and implementation of its R&D projects, Cogentas aims to position itself as a true lever of transformation and innovation in AS. The realization of our strategic plan ultimately aims to help companies and organizations to enhance the security of sensitive data processed by their applications and thus to add value to the services they offer to their customers and their partners.